The Polymer Chemistry Group has within their laboratories or within affiliated laboratories extensive synthetic and analytical capabilities. Our synthetic chemistry laboratories are located on level 4 of the AIBN. In addition to equipment listed below please see pages of the Centre for Advanced Imaging, Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis and the Australian National Fabrication Facility QLD Node.

            AIBN building
            CAI building

NMR Spectrometers (CAI)

  • Avance 900 MHz Solution Spectrometer
  • Avance 750 MHz Solution Spectrometer
  • Avance 500 MHz Solution Spectrometer
  • Avance III 300 MHz Solid-State Spectrometer
  • Avance 700 MHz Solid-State Spectrometer (soft materials)

Microimaging (CAI)

  • Avance 700 MHz MR Microscopy System
  • AMX 300 MRI Spectrometer


  • Bruker Medspec 4T Whole-body MRI System
  • Siemens Magnetom Trio 3T
  • Siemens Magnetom Sonata Whole-body MRI System


  • Elexsys E500 CW EPR Spectrometer
  • Elexsys E580 FT EPR Spectrometer

Vibrational Spectrometers

  • Nicolet FTIR-NIR Spectrometer
  • Nicolet FTIR Spectrometer with Diamond ATR and GATR
  • Nicolet Alegra XR RAMAN Spectrometer
  • Nicolet FT-RAMAN Module
  • Nicolet Surface Plasmon Resonance 100 Module
SPR Module, FTIR-NIR, FT Raman


  • Varian Cary 4000 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
  • JY Horiba Fluoromax-P Spectrofluorometer with Platereader
Varian Cary 4000

Thermal Analysis

  • Mettler Toledo Alternating DSC1, with UV-Vis photocuring attachment
  • Mettler Toledo DMA SDTA861e
  • Mettler Toledo TGA LF1600
Mettler Toledo TGA LF1600

Surface Analysis

  • XPS - Kratos (CMM)
  • AFM - DI MultiMode PicoForce System (CMM)
  • FTIR-ATR including GATR - Nicolet Spectrometers


  • GPC - Waters (x2)
  • HPLC - Waters
  • GCMS - Thermo Single Quadrupole GCMS
GPC - Waters (x2)

UV Sources

  • Lambda Physic Optex 157 nm Laser
  • Lambda Physic Optex 193 nm Laser
  • UV Curing Lamp
  • UV Weatherometer
UV Curing Lamp

Optical Properties

  • JA Woollam VUV-Vase Spectroscopic Ellipsometer
JA Woollam VUV-Vase Spectroscopic Ellipsometer


  • Co60 Gamma Sources (x2)
  • Applied Separations Helix Supercritical CO2 Processing
  • ISCO HP Syringe scCO2 Pumps (x2)
  • Ultrasonicator
  • Spin Coater
  • Freezer Mill
Spin Coater

Polymer Synthesis

  • High Vacuum Lines (x3)
  • Rotary evaporators - Buchi (x2)
  • Kugelrohr Apparatus - Buchi
  • Vacuum ovens
  • Centrifuge

Electron Microscopy (CMM)

  • X-Ray Scattering - Wide and Small Angle (CMM)