The field of synthesis and characterization of polymers for modern technologies, for example photolithography and biomaterials science, has superb job opportunities. There is a need for graduates in this field in all market places, both nationally and internationally, and the job:people ratio is usually very favourable to those seeking positions.


For information about the types of projects available, consult the list of available student projects, or more generally our research program.

Enrolment and Scholarships

Available scholarships are listed on the UQ Graduate School web page.

International students may apply for an International Student Scholarship which can cover tuition fees and / or stipend.

International students must pay tuition fees, which are covered by some scholarships but not others. As a rule we cannot afford to pay for unternational student fees from our grants; please bear this in mind when approaching us.

Please consult the list of available student projects before approaching the relevant researchers in the group.

For more information contact: Prof Andrew Whittaker.